Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments Tutorial

Royalty Bracelet

Royalty Bracelet

My Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments tutorial is an ebook that takes viking knit chain to the next level.  Instead of a plain chain (which is of course lovely in its own right), you can make it into amazing jewelry.

Color.  That is one thing that helps to make jewelry stand out.  Embellishments.  Beads of different shapes and sizes.  Putting color and beads together makes for some awesome viking knit!

What’s in This Tutorial?

Well, the Royalty Bracelet (photo on the right) is one of the projects in the ebook.  And there are three others – two more bracelets and a necklace.  In order to make these, you will learn the following:

  • How to use colored wire effectively.  Not all colored wire is the same (even within the same manufacturer) and so I list the do’s and don’t of using the wire…before you spend a lot of money and find you bought the wrong kind.
  • Knitting with beads.  While I did include knitting seed beads into my first ebook, this one shows how to knit larger beads.
  • Embellishing with beads.  The small seed beads can lend a big impact!  I teach how to make endcaps of the beads, adding them as bands and as inserts.  I even tell you how to make a beaded bead!
  • Triple knit.  True, it’s similar to double knit, but there are some things you need to know before starting a triple knit project.  And of course, I show how to make the triple knit effectively.
Beaded Elegance Necklace

Beaded Elegance Necklace Project

  • Knit overlay.  Ever wish you could use two different colors of wire at once?  Now you can, using the knit overlay method.  It gives an organic look and feel to the viking knit jewelry.

And there is even more in the tutorial.  It’s full of information, step-by-step instructions and (I hope) it’s fun to read.  🙂

What Do You Need to Know?

This ebook tutorial does not teach you how to make a basic viking knit chain.  You need to know how to make viking knit before you try the projects.

(If you don’t already know how to make viking knit chain, then check out my Intro to Viking Knit Jewelry which does teach you how.)

While it’s helpful if you know some basic beadweaving, I do show you how to do the stitches.  So even if you’ve only done stringing, you should be fine.

Get the Tutorial

Knit Overlay Project -- "The Caterpillar Effect"

Knit Overlay Project — “The Caterpillar Effect”

This part is really easy!

There’s a button just below that you can click to buy it.  The tutorial is 40 pages long and has 91 photos, and even so, only costs $10.

This is a digital ebook is in a PDF format, so it’s an immediate download.  You will also get an email with a download link, to make double-sure you get your copy.  And while you are welcome to print a copy for your own use, please don’t share it with anyone else (thanks!).

(Remember — since it is a digital download, you can get a copy day or night, no waiting.)
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And if you’re still not quite sure (or even if you are, for that matter, LOL), I’ve got a video for you that shows a little more about the ebook.

Take a look just below…


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Thanks again for watching. And…happy knitting! 🙂

Intro to Viking Knit Jewelry – A Viking Knit Tutorial

This viking knit chain tutorial is for anyone who loves the look of viking knit, and wants to create some jewelry of their own. Sound like you? Read on!

Viking Knit Bracelet

Viking knit chain is beautiful, and can have many different “looks”, depending on how you work it. And once you learn the basic technique, the sky’s the limit.

Introduction to Viking Knit

I’ve written a viking knit chain tutorial called Introduction to Viking Knit. It’s 31 pages filled that answers all those “how do I…” questions!

You’ll learn about:

  • The tools and supplies needed. (Hint, you probably already have most of them.)
  • How to create a single knit chain.
  • How to create a double knit chain.
  • What you need to know about your wire (and what not to get or it will drive you crazy).
  • An answer to the question “how much wire will it take me to…” — how to make a good estimate of the wire you’ll need to complete a project, so that you don’t buy way too much — or even worse, too little!
  • How to join wire.
  • How to create your own viking knit endcaps.
  • Lots more!

Viking Knit Bracelet With Lampwork Beads

There are many, many pictures, with some extreme close-ups of where exactly you need to place your wire – no guessing.

Making Viking Knit Endcaps

One of the things I cover in this ebook is how to make your very own viking knit endcaps.

Sure, you can buy some absolutely beautiful ready-made endcaps…but they don’t always come in the colors you want.  Or, maybe you’ve run out and need more – fast!

Or (and this is common), the ready-made endcaps are too big or too small for your particular project?

Never fear!  You’ll learn exactly how to make your own beautiful viking knit endcaps for your jewelry!  I teach you exactly how to do with, with plenty of photos showing the steps.

Viking Knit Bracelet, Artistic Wire

And the best part?  It will fit your project to a T!  Not to mention match the color you need.

What Else is Included?

Included is a beaded viking knit bracelet project that shows you how to make even fancier viking knit chain, and you won’t believe how easy it is (shh, don’t tell anyone, let them think you’ve slaved away).

And what about a clasp?  Another thing you’ll discover in the ebook is how to make your very own clasp that will match your project beautifully.  It’s easier and faster than you might imagine, and people will wonder where you bought it.

Oh, and of course there is a gallery of work, for your viewing pleasure!

Buying the Tutorial – How Much?

The Introduction to Viking Knit Jewelry chain tutorial is a mere $10. It’s delivered to you as a downloadable ebook, and it’s about 1.8 MB in size.

OK, How Do I Buy?

Simply click the “Add to Cart” button (which accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, etc.) and you’ll get an immediate download — no waiting. You’ll get a link to the download after you’ve completed your purchase (as well as an email with the link information). Simple, quick and get it any time of the day or night!

Of course, this ebook is meant for you, and you alone, so please don’t share it (thanks). And because it’s an electronic “how to” project, all sales are final.

Are you ready for a viking knit tutorial ebook that will have you creating gorgeous jewelry of your own in no time at all? Then just click the button and order yourself a copy of the ebook.  Happy knitting!  🙂

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